Digital Mini Fair

January 25th, 2017 was our 3rd G/T Expo of the year and a chance for our Panthers to demonstrate their mastery in programming and digital media!

digital mini fair from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.

1st grade created a self-guided tour of our Eco-Schools Monarch Heroes program. They recorded clips of themselves explaining their various projects and activities as well as a quick introduction to all the various native host and nectar plants in out habitats. They have signs posted along the main hallway with QR code that link to the individual video clips. This way any visitor to Piney Point can learn all about our Monarch Heroes and their efforts to protect the Monarch Butterfly.

2nd grade created interactive MadLibs in Scratch. They did a fantastic job writing this code! First they wrote a basic story and then removed ten words, carefully noting the part of speech. Next the wrote a program that asks the viewer to provide the missing nouns, verbs, adjectives and compiles a list of their responses. The last part was the trickiest to write! they wrote some code that had their character tell the story, but now substituting in the words from he list. Visitors to this booth loved the silly stories that they ended up hearing!

3rd grade made physical models of a variety of randomizers, such as: dice, coin flips, number and color wheels, Magic 8 Balls, and paper fortune tellers in the MakerSpace. Next they worked in Scratch to produce working digital models of the same thing. Some of this involved some very challenging character creation and taxed everyone's digital drawing skills! They were finally successful and then found that writing the code to make their project randomly generate one of a series of possible answers was the easy part!

4th grade designed and coded their own video games. There were maze games, target games, basketball games, race games, and every other kind of game! They created cardboard game controllers in the MakerSpace and then used copper tape to attach the Makey Makeys to the laptop and allow for multiple players to play their games.

5th grade wrote Choose Your Own Adventure stories. They wrote out long, involved flowcharts to allow users to make at least 5 levels of choices.These were fairly elaborate programs! User were allowed to select characters, costumes, environments, different scenarios and were able to determine the outcome of the story by exercising these kinds of choices.

Overall the event was a great success! Our visitors truly enjoyed and were impressed by the projects, and out G/T students were very pleased with their work and proud to share it with the campus!

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